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The Warrior™ brand of quality trailer parts and accessories are manufactured to the highest standards to meet current UK and EC Regulations.

We supply wholesale trailer parts, parts to large automotive and trailer companies and councils, who demand the best trailer supplies to keep them moving.

From jockey wheels and brake shoes through to warning beacons the Warrior™ brand represents a complete range of proven guaranteed products rigorously tested to meet the stringent demands of today’s industrial and domestic markets.

I have now been trading with Blue Diamond for over three years and during all that time I have found you and your company to be very professional in all its dealings.

The price file was set up and maintained giving no account queries.

I have not had reason to raise a debit note for any shortages or incorrect deliveries, these factors help the smooth running of an account and causes no extra costs to either business.

Whenever I have had contact with Blue Diamond I have been treated in a friendly and courteous manner both on the phone and face to face.

All customer technical questions on the product have been dealt with efficiently either by phone or personal visit anywhere in the country.

I have no hesitation in recommending Blue Diamond as a professional company with a top quality product range and staff knowledge and willingness to back it up.

Mel Isaac, Product Manager, Cromwell Group


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      Product SKU: BDW1669

      Warrior™ Large Pin Lock provides a perfect solution for protecting against theft for all types of towable equipment with 30, 40 or 50mm towing eyes. The extra pin allows you to couple additional chains and equipment to it, making this an extremely versatile security device.


      Product SKU: BDW1670

      Warrior™ Small Pin Lock is identical to the BDW1669 but is more compact in size.


      Product SKU: BDW1668

      Warrior™ Eye Box is a high security eye box designed to offer maximum protection against theft for 30, 40 and 50mm towing eyes.


      Product SKU: BDW1600

      Warrior™ Hi-security Eyelock designed to provide optimum security for 30, 40, 50mm Towing Eyes, the heavy duty high grade plastic coated steel plate and shrouded barrel lock provides all-round maximum security to prevent theft.